Be included

Without a physical address, you are not included in the world.

Why? Because you do not have access to the same services as people who do have an address.

It’s our mission at OkHi to enable the 4 billion people in the world without a physical address to have access to the same services as everyone else.

It’s our mission for them to be included.

#letsokhi #beincluded


It physically connects people

"I've been so lost within 500 metres that when I arrived it was too late and the person was dead."

– Ambulance Driver

Your identity

"How many times do you have to prove who you are? Whether that's applying for a job or getting a bank loan. A recognised address is a vital part of personal identity."

– Nairobi CEO 



VALUES - How we live our culture

Be bold

Make audacious decisions

Go lean

Increase the speed of learning

Be open

Build trust by being vulnerable

Grow together

With feedback and collaboration

Enjoy your journey

Your life is a marathon, not a sprint


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