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OkHi is not yet widely accessible but we are looking for a few visionary folk to help us shape the way people share address information.  If you are that person, request for early access:

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More on what we have planned…
We have a very ambitious goal of giving a physical address that works to each of the 4 billion people in the world without an address today. We are very committed (and a tad crazy too : ) to making sure that an ambulance isn’t lost getting to you in an emergency, when you order food it gets to you while it’s hot and that you don’t have to give friends turn by turn directions when they are coming to your house.

We have already seen more than 1000 journeys completed using OkHi.

We have enjoyed the “whoop whoops” when the experience worked as it should and we have learned plenty from the few times that something broke down. We have especially enjoyed hearing your thoughts on how you want to use OkHi and on how to create an insanely great experience. 
We will continue on-boarding your feedback to create an insanely great experience for you. Don’t forget to signup above to get early access.